Why chemicals don’t work.

Chemicals for treating head lice are pesticides. They may be harmful—especially with repeated use. No chemical product is 100% effective in eliminating lice and their eggs. You must break the lice life cycle. The only sure way to do that is to physically remove the lice eggs and destroy them. There is no better way to see eggs than The Lice Light detection device. First they glow—then they go!

[ Recently proven to illuminate the eggs of bed bugs! ]

Be Head Lice-Free. Lice Light ™ Makes it Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Use The Lice Light to detect lice and their eggs. The Lice Light makes the eggs glow so they’re easy to see.
  2. Treat the lice and eggs if found.
  3. Use a lice comb to remove and destroy eggs to break the lice life cycle.
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The Lice Light is a detection tool which uses ultraviolet light to make lice eggs (nits) actually glow. First they glow—then they go! With The Lice Light, you can easily see and remove them. Just turn on the light and comb through the hair. It’s easy to see and remove the nits. And remember—removing the eggs (nits) is the only way to break the life cycle and stop new outbreaks.

  • Safe and easy to use—just flip on the switch
  • Makes lice eggs (nits) glow
  • Saves time
  • Clinically proven, doctor tested
  • Reduces the use of chemicals

“It’s a safe, easy way to detect lice eggs...”
Dr. James Breneman, MD
one of the inventors of The Lice Light™

“The eggs were much faster and easier to find with The Lice Light™”
Jill Smith, Mom

Kalamazoo, Michigan

“We used The Lice Light during a recent lice outbreak and the ultraviolet light helped illuminate the nits, making them easier to find.”
Kathleen Hook RN, LSN

Eagan High School
Eagan, Minnesota